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NOTE:VAT included in olive oil (10%) and in shipping costs.
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Terms of sale Terms of sale
1. Object

This document is to establish the Ordering of the items offered by OleoPolis.com on its Internet portal.

All purchases made are subject to the conditions of purchase set out in this document. Access to and use of PORTAL will also be subject to the Terms of Use of Portal.

The use of the Website and the purchase of any item from those offered on the Website represent the explicit acceptance by the User of these Terms of Sale and Conditions of Use of Portal.

2. Data from credit cards

OleoPolis.com neither accesses nor records at any time data on your credit card, as this data is managed through a virtual payment gateway or POS (Point of Sale) provided by our banks, or through Paypal, bearing in mind that both gateways meet all the security conditions required by Spanish law.

3. Product Features

All products offered through the Website includes list of its features and price. The information on the characteristics and prices of products is located in each of the web sites which offer the product. However, if the user has any doubt of the same please contact our Customer Service by sending an email to the following address admin@oleopolis.com.

You agree to ordering the annulment of the order should there be a typographical error in the price.

4. Price, payment and product availability.

A. Price. The price of acquisition, plus shipping costs, if any, are applicable will be paid by credit card, cash on delivery (depending on the area) or bank transfer .

There will be several forms of payment that may be applicable or not over time as it deems OleoPolis.com, and among them are:

-Full payment by credit card, or Paypal by TPV.
-Full payment on delivery (depending on the area).
-Complete Payment by bank transfer to the account indicated on the invoice that the customer receives after making the purchase process.

Cash on delivery payment method will be available only if all shipping methods (in case shipping items from different providers or manufacturers in the same cart) selected by the client support this payment method. There are some cases where the provider offers the possibility to ship the items for free (only in Spain, mainland), but this method does not allow the user to pay on delivery. That is why in these cases OleoPolis.com offers other payment methods (not free of charge) supporting Cash On Delivery, as an option. In those cases where the provider offers free shipping, there will be a small picture at the top of the main image of the product with a small black van.

OleoPolis.com reserves the right to establish a handling fee for the use of certain means of payment. Any fees will be clearly indicated per payment method (if any) during the online purchase process so that the user can decide which one is more convenient.

Prices on this online store might or might not include VAT taxes. This configuration will be clearly notified at the bottom area of the top banner in the home page.

All prices include VAT where this is applicable (the system adds VAT depending on the origin of the user in the event that the registration for navigating the Web site). Prices are applicable only to transactions made through this Portal.

The prices of the products listed do not include shipping costs. Shipping charges are calculated automatically by the system according to the shipping address registered and designated by the user for receiving the order, and will be added to the total cost of purchase upon acceptance by the user during the purchase process and the user who makes the choice of these delivery methods from those available. In some cases shipping costs might be free of charge depending on special offers that might be applied to some specific areas. The system will apply this special offers whenever possible and offer free shipping automatically during the purchase process.

All expenses that may arise from an online purchase by a user will be fully detailed in the purchase confirmation page, including tax (where applicable), shipping (if applicable), discounts, fees for administrative costs offers, etc.. All expenses related to shipping, management and taxes are automatically calculated by the system based on the data entered by the customer during the checkout process, so that the user gets all the information in real time and during the purchase process in a transparent and concise way.

Site content is constantly updated, with the aim of OleoPolis.com provide truthful, complete, typographical features and prices of products on display. If ever there are any errors in the information provided in the Portal, proceed OleoPolis.com corrected immediately.

If there is a typographical error in one of the features or prices and the customer had made the purchase of this product, you will be informed immediately of this error and the actual price of the product taking the customer right to rescind the purchase contract if so desired.

OleoPolis.com reserves the right to change, without notice, prices, products and promotions contained on the website Portal. If the price has changed, after completing a purchase, the price applicable is indicated in the Portal at the time to validate the purchase.

B. Availability of Products. In accordance with the applicable orders will be handled in strict order of receipt.

On termination of the stock of a requested product that fact shall be communicated by email or phone to the user and, at its option, the order might be canceled or a product will be offered with similar features. If it is not possible to contact the user the order will be cancelled automatically.

5. Purchase procedure

A. To initiate the purchase process the user has to complete, once, the Register of Members. Once completed, it will be assigned a password.

B. From that moment the User data will be recorded and may make further purchases with just identified.

C. Once registered, the User must complete the order form. The user might add to the shopping cart as many items as wished. Then, the suer will validate all purchase steps and will be asked to enter the desired shipping address and payment method desired. If the request is completed successfully, will be assigned an order reference the user can check the purchase status with. In addition to this, an email with information about the purchase will be sent to email of the user.

6. Delivery: Shipping costs and timelines. Territorial

NOTE: We ship to Spain (except Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) and all countries part of the European Union.

Successfully completed the purchase process mentioned in the paragraph above and after purchase of the product having stock, it will be delivered to the address given by the user.

If OleoPolis.com is for any reason unable to deliver the products within the prescribed period, that fact shall be communicated to the user (email or phone) giving you the ability to wait or cancel the order proceeding, in the latter case, to restore the amount received.

The delivery time is indicated per shipping method when placing the order. The delivery time indicated counts from the reception of the confirmation email from the administrator of this web. Take into account that this email is not the informative one that is sent automatically by the system just upon the recepcton of the order. This confirmation email should usually take less than 24 hours (except when the customer delays the shipment on purpose), and it will be received usually during the next few hour after the order.

OleoPolis.com is specialized in parcel shipping and we get unrivaled shipping costs to ship our products to any country in the EU.

There are some cases where the provider offers the possibility to ship the items for free (only in Spain, mainland), but this method does not allow the user to pay on delivery. That is why in these cases OleoPolis.com offers other payment methods (not free of charge) supporting Cash On Delivery, as an option. In those cases where the provider offers free shipping, there will be a small picture at the top of the main image of the product with a small black van.

Under no circumstances ship to PO boxes and OleoPolis.com only ships products to countries being part of the EU.

In the event that at the time of delivery the user is absent, the contract logistics operator for the area in question will attempt to contact the user to arrange a new shipment. In these cases OleoPolis.com does not guarantee delivery of the product purchased within a period of time.

If there had been any errors attributable to OleoPolis.com shipping or the products are defective, OleoPolis.com will perform the replacement of such products without charge and as soon as the user to communicate on this by sending an e-mail to admin@oleopolis.com.

7. Free shipping: Conditions

There will be free shipping on orders over 50 EUR for all products. This offer applies only to deliveries within Spain and Portugal and only mainland. This delivery method supports cash on delivery payment.

There are some cases where the provider offers the possibility to ship the items for free (only in Spain, mainland) regardless of the purchase amount, but this method does not allow the user to pay on delivery. Products under this offer will be tagged with a small picture at the top of the main image of the product with a small black van. This shipping offer does not support cash on delivery type of payment, that is why other not free of charge shipping methods that support cash on delivery will be offered to the user along with this free shipping offer.

8. Order Cancellation

If the order was in progress, ie, if the payment gateway had confirmed it and he had been assigned a reference, the User may cancel the order by contacting our Customer Service via email: admin@oleopolis.com.

In the event that the order has been sent should wait to receive it and proceed to return to exercise its right of withdrawal in accordance with these conditions of purchase.

9. Returns

- In compliance with the applicable rules, the customer is entitled to abandon the purchase made, whereby you can return the product received. The exercise of this right of withdrawal will be done within a maximum of seven working days of receipt and according to the official calendar of the place where it has been delivered. To exercise this right of withdrawal will be essential to keep the original packaging and have not used.

- If you return a product (unless defective), transportation costs (both delivery and return that apply) shall be covered by the purchaser and all bank charges generated on account of this transaction. Management costs charged by Cash on Delivery service are not returned in any circumstances.

- The refund will be made by payment. For products specifically brought to the customer, the payment will be made once the product returned to the supplier and collected the return.

- The rules regarding returns of products in good condition, are:
* The original packaging is in perfect condition and the product is in perfect condition.

- For any other possible incident or complaint, we recommend you contact us at Complaints, or by calling our customer service during business hours call. Claims for incidental and that the product is delivered damaged, broken, wrong or for any other reason subject of any complaint will require the following:

* To record any abnormality of the product on the delivery note at the time of delivery. If it was not possible to record the fact on the delivery note, please contact us by email or fax, the day of delivery, or in any case within 24 hours of delivery.

* Please note the following rules of the carrier: The delivery receipt is proof of the condition of the goods. The consignee is obliged to state the delivery if the shipment is damaged and if the issue is complete. No claim if not included in the delivery notes and if you make a claim after 24 hours of delivery thereof. Do not sign a delivery note before receiving the goods. If the dealer refuses your compliants, do not sign or record this fact on the delivery note.

* In case of replacement of a defective product: OleoPolis.com is committed to delivering the customer another product in perfect condition and collect the faulty one. In case you can not make this change, the customer shall be paid all of any amount advanced

10. Law and Jurisdiction

All matters relating to the procurement of the items offered are governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Spain and are subject to the Courts of Justice in Madrid capital for any matter arising.
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